Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chicken Spaghetti

I haven't been posting much at all, and I have a ton of recipes to share... I'm setting aside tomorrow to go through my files and share what's been successful lately.

I'm in need of a creamy chicken spaghetti recipe. I've tried several out there, but none are up to snuff. Any ideas?


Kork said...

I have to ask Ellen - when you say "creamy" spagehtti...are you looking for a non-cheese sauce?

I'm just wondering if you like alfredo, or something spicy, like a southwestern spin?

I have a couple that I enjoy, but thought I'd ask so you know if you should try them or not...

Ellen said...

I'm actually looking for a non-tomato-based sauce. I have a great chicken marinara spaghetti, but my husband wants an "old school" version and I just can't find anything!!!

We're willing to try anything, by the way. :)