Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

I am headed "home" for my first American Thanksgiving since before getting married and moving to the Great White North. Canadians are too busy refurbishing their igloos and cavorting with polar bears to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well, actually, none of that is true. We don't live in igloos. Global warming is pretty much taking care of the polar bears. And we celebrated Thanksgiving already.

So I'm just wondering what some of your favorite traditions, dishes, recipes, and memories are of this wonderful American holiday. Think back to the time when Thanksgiving was actually talked about in stores, people actually decorated for it in between Halloween and Christmas, and Black Friday didn't involve deaths from being trampled. Yeah, think back really, really far into the past and see what you find.

I'm curious.

To get you started, how will you be cooking your turkey this year? Brining first? Grilling? Baking? Frying? Buying it from someone? Having your mother do it for you?

As for me, I won't be having to deal with it this year. Which, for all of you who will be sharing the holiday with me, must be a relief. Since that means that there isn't a chance you might actually be eating the neck and other pieces I forget to take out. =)

Okay, eagerly awaiting your input........