Friday, October 5, 2007

Chocolate Gravy

Okay, I admit it, I haven't been reading much but it has been really busy and I've had a cold. So I don't even know what recipes are before this one. But I'm stoked about this new blog Farmwife has started and I want to be an active part of the community. So when I got Farmwife's email giving this weekend's assignment, being the ever the good student, I wanted to get one in before I forgot, and as soon as I hit "publish" I'm going to go read the rest and try to get caught up here at blogspot.

This is one that some may say "eeeewwww" to (I think, my in-laws do). But like FW's husband eating icecream on chili - it is our family tradition to eat biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast on special occasions. I personally love the stuff. So without further adu... here's the L-family recipe for chocolate gavy.

1 c. sugar
2 Tbls. cocoa
1 Tbls. plain flour
1/2 c. milk
1 Tbls. margarine

Mix first 3 ingredients. Add milk. Cook like fudge 'til mixture begins to thicken. Add 1 tablespoon margarine and mix well before serving. Serve hot over buttered biscuits.

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