Monday, October 1, 2007

Casserole Freezing Tips

I was thinking about our various situations, and the things we all may be doing, and thought this might help some of you, if you're not already doing it!

Again, from the mouth of my mother!

We would always take out all of our 13x9 pans, line them plastic cling wrap, and then with enough foil to be able to fold over and seal(or just with foil, your call), then make a multiple batch (depending on how many pans you have - we had 4), and split the ingredients equally among the pans. Once they were full, we'd fold over the foil and seal, then write on it what it was, and the cooking instructions, and put all the extras into the freezer. After they were frozen ( 8 - 12 hours ), we'd simply turn over the pan, and have a 13x9 casserole all wrapped up, ready to be cooked at a later date! This would then free up the pan for use another time, or to do another batch of a different casserole!

You can now get the 2 gallon and bigger zip top plastic bags, which provide an even better and longer lasting protection. You can simply slip your frozen, foil covered casserole into the bag, write on the bag, and stand or stack them up.

When you're ready to use, simply take the frozen casserole out, pop it into the pan still in the foil, and bake according to your directions! The greatest part in my mind??? The easy clean up after dinner that night! The foil means the pan may just need to be rinsed out, not scrubbed!

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