Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

I found this recipe for cheesy vegetable chowder on Pinterest... made it tonight.  My 3 year old ate a bowl and a half.  My 6 year old was not as impressed, but almost an hour ago we figured out that she caught a stomach bug at school (not that she would have liked it anyway, it's hard to tell with her these days.)  I will eat it for lunch again tomorrow.

I took pics, but I am going to just link to the original poster's, I need sleep and left my camera downstairs.


Lauren said...

I do think I would have enjoyed it a little bit more with smaller chunks of broccoli... not necessarily pureed, but not straight out of the bag from the freezer. (I had them on hand and wanted to use them up, although I was tempted to buy a fresh head of broccoli at the store.) It almost had too much texture, even though everything was tender and the potatoes were practically liquified. I also added about 1 tbsp salt, italian seasoning, and black pepper to it.

Inkling said...

This post of yours on FB gave me the inspiration to make a simple dinner tonight after I found out I'd be in a hurry to make it in time for watching the Canucks/Blues game at a friend's house. I had two heads of fresh broccoli in the frig and the rest of what was needed. It was super yum and different enough from my corn & veggie chowder to convince my little guy that he should try something new.

I took 4 cups of the base (before adding the milk and cheese) and froze it for a future meal, and then added the cheese and milk to the rest. It was really good and the simple seasonings brought out the flavor of the veggies. I'm already looking forward to the leftovers for tomorrow.

Penny said...

I cannot wait to try this!! it looks so yummy..thanks!1

Penny said...

made this last night..we loved it! I added just a tad more cheese and some pepper...but looking forward to the leftovers too!
thanks gals!!

Kork said...

this one is my radar for BB's next OOT trip at the end of February. I've decided that I'm going to try out all the new recipes in the 9 days he's gone, so I can tell him if they're too spicy or whatever.

In the meantime, my next challenge recipe is going up...woo hoo!