Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Favorite Show...Ever...

OK -

Seriously y'all...I have fallen completely head over heels, infatuated, all I can think about, in LUV with "America's Test Kitchen".

It airs on my local PBS station (yes, I enjoy public broadcasting. So there!) every day, and is totally amazing.

Basically, they take a recipe go through every possible variation of technique, advice, and make all the mistakes, and find all the best ways to do things!

Last time I watched it all the way through, they were doing pepperoni pizza...not a difficult thing to make right?

Did you know that to cut down on the grease from things like sausage, pepperoni, or any other meat that you can cook it on a paper towel, in your microwave for about 1 minute? That cooks it enough to release most of the grease, absorb it in the paper towel, and it cuts your cooking time down, making sure your crust isn't too crunchy?

To check it out... go to America's Test Kitchen


Anonymous said...

I love the show too. The magazine Cook's Illustrated belongs to America's Test Kitchen. Every recipe I've cooked out of that mag is absolutely THE BEST. No ads either!

Just another thing to add to your Christmas List I guess.

I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog!

zann said...

hmm, we just got rid of cable... so this is sounding like a wonderful substitute show for my beloved Foodnetwork. Will have to check our local listings. Thanks for the tip.

naisy said...

My Mom turned me on to the ATK as well! I LOVE IT!

The Cook's Illustrated also has a sister magazine, which is just as good. (I think Cook's Country is the name.) My sis in law likes it alot more than CI.

Great squash recipe. I am going to try it soon!

Great blog! Keep up the good work!