Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First "You Really Don't Have to Eat That!" Experience

I first met BB almost 9 years ago...and we've been together now for 8. I started out as many of us ladies trying so hard to impress him...

Needless to say, about 4 months after we started dating, I decided I'd had enough of his bachelor ways, and decided to clean his house from top to bottom while he was out of town on business. I was staying to house sit and take care of his cat, and decided after I'd cleaned the whole place (there must have been an inch of dust, and at least 10 loads of laundry and towels...not to mention that the pantry had stuff in it from his house in college!)

He was coming home the next night and I thought to myself "What better way to welcome my sweetie home than with a home-cooked meal?"

I tried the recipe below, but somehow, managed, instead of opening the "Sprinkle" side of the seasoning, I opened the "Spoon" side...and dumped almost 1/4 C of it into the mix...and then I had the stupidity to think to myself "He'll never know!"...OY! Needless to say, I have not used Lowry's Seasoning Salt again...ever.

1 Family Size box of Rice A Roni (match to your meat choice)
2 Lbs meat, cubed (stew meat, pork loin, or chicken, your choice)
Lowry's Seasoned Salt

Cook the Rice A Roni according to the package
In a skillet, heat oil and butter, cook meat thoroughly, seasoning to taste.
Mix with Rice A Roni.

Now this is NOT a terribly difficult recipe right?!?!?! Hence my total humiliation upon ruining it by not paying attention...UGH!

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FarmWife said...

That's too funny!

When FarmBoy & I were engaged, we decided to have Big BIL & SIL over for dinner one Sunday afternoon. I made pot roast & mashed potatoes & a pound cake (I think). FarmBoy was making sweet corn off the cob. He went to add pepper to the corn & opened the wrong side & dumped about 2 Tbs. of pepper in the pot of corn. He spooned out most of it, but it was still VERY strong!