Thursday, December 6, 2007


Need a new way to serve your meatloaf?

Looking for that perfect serving size..

Why not try putting your mixture into greased (PAM) muffin tins.

I've been doing this now for about 4-5 months. Saves on cutting it up..It's easy to put on the plates. Bakes down to just the right serving size. It's also perfect size to put in freezer safe bag to freeze individual servings.


zann said...

Oooh. Good idea. DH doesn't eat meatloaf, but I like it. I could do that and then I'd have lunches for a good long while to come. Good deal.

Kork said...

Ang - you ROCK! I've been doing this for some time, and never thought to share it! Bad KORK!

The nicest thing about it to me is that it keeps us from overeating, and its the perfect size for the munchkins as well!.