Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Clam Chowder After trying three times, I think I came up with the perfect pot of clam chowder. My kids love this stuff, and Bethany has requested that I make a huge pot of it to get her through this first weekend after her first treatment of the new chemo cycle. She knows she'll feel awful and the only thing she'll usually eat then is clam chowder. 3 C or so of chopped taters (1/2 inch chop, I left peels on because I used Yukon Golds) 1 really big onion, chopped 1 stick of butter (don't be cheap and use margarine, it tastes nasty and your body is better of with the real thing, look it up) 1/3 C flour 1 can of evaporated milk 2 C milk 2 cans of chopped clams (I dump 'em on a cutting board and chop them even smaller after I've drained the juice into the pot) 1/2 the bottle of clam juice (I will run downstairs in a bit to see how big the bottle is, and get back to you) Dried or fresh parsley Salt Put chopped taters and onions in a "big pot", add just enough water to barely cover, add salt to taste, and cook until just underdone. You are gonna cook them again in a little bit, and if you cook them all the way in the beginning, you'll be sorry because they'll get all mushy and gross. I HATE mushy potatoes in soup. Now drain them and leave in the drainer while you do the rest. Melt the stick of butter in your pot on medium or so. Add flour and stir constanly for 2 minutes or so. Whisk constantly while you add the evaporated milk and the regular milk. Keep whisking until the milk is thickened. Add the potatoes and onions back to the pot, dump in the clams and juice, and stir it all up. Put in the parsley and salt to your taste. Turn to low and let cook for another 10 or so minutes. If it gets thicker than you like, you can add some milk to thin it back. We like our chowders to hold their own spoon up in this house. Stir alot and don't let it boil or it will scorch and stick and be gross and a big pain in the buttowski to clean-up....ask me how I know! ;) This made enough for one good size bowl for the four of us, so I will have to double it once we are back with Jeff. Although he probably won't eat this, so ax that thought. I'll make him a pb&j that night. ;)

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