Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Link for You

So a few days ago after talking about it and wondering about it for a few months, my husband decided to go gluten free. Ironically, I had a loaf of bread and two hamburger buns made out of whole wheat flour cooling on my counter at the moment he said it. But anything to help him stay awake long enough each day to actually work and later on to play with our son seemed like it was worth trying.

I don't know if this will be a permanent lifestyle change, or if it's just temporary. But I do know that long-term success depends entirely on how well I adapt our favorite foods to be gluten free. I'll only be compliant if it's yummy and not making me feel all deprived. (Maybe that's why I had issues with wearing my head gear and retainers as a kid? Maybe they should have been chocolate flavored?)

Tonight was my first attempt to create a dish that is usually made with wheat in a gluten free manner. Man cannot live on meat and veggies, nor corn chips alone after all. I didn't realize I was jumping in the gluten free baking deep end until halfway through, so if I can accomplish this, apparently I can accomplish much more than I imagined. (But I'm still mourning the loss of wheat in our diets, even though I'm not a fan of looking six months pregnant after a bowl of pasta. Hopefully, I'll get over it soon enough.

I already knew the one trustworthy source I'd go to, and I was not disappointed. No, it's not wheat, and it's not my perfect homemade dough for the amazing pizza I love to make. But I have to admit that it is good enough to make again. My only comments on her recipe would be to follow it exactly as she says and pay attention to the note she includes with the instructions on forming the dough. As long as you remind yourself not to freak out, you'll be okay. In my case, I realized after my first try that I should have been brave enough to keep working with the dough a bit more to spread it out a bit more thinly. I didn't realize how much it would still rise, and I think this kind of crust is better if it's just a bit thinner. Oh, and after greasing the pan, instead of using gluten free flour to coat it, I used cornmeal as I usually do.

For our toppings, we just used traditional pizza sauce, and then I added kale, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and pepper that had been sauteed in a teensy bit of olive oil and salted. (It's important to saute your veggies so they are cooked enough since her baking times a lot shorter than traditional wheat dough times. At least that's my opinion.) Then I added some leftover avocado and pineapple before topping with cheese.You can find the link for the just about perfect pizza dough recipe by the Gluten Free Goddess.

You'll have to excuse me now. I need to go try to make some gluten free salted fudge brownies.

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