Monday, March 17, 2008

A different kind of breakfast burrito

I make this for the kids now and they love it.

1 T of salmon cream cheese (or cream cheese of your desired flavor) (1pt)
1/2 c of egg substitute (1pt)
1/8 c of l/f shredded cheese (1pt)
1/4 c of diced mushrooms (free)
1/4 c of diced peppers (free)
2 t of bacon pieces (I use the hormel) (.5 pt)
1 w/w tortilla (burrito size) (4 pt)

I use pam and spray my pan. Turn my burner on 5 (medium heat) and pour the egg substitute in pan. After it cooks a bit I sprinkle, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese around on top of the egg. While that is cooking, I move the pan to move uncooked egg around. I flip the egg (not breaking it and lightly brown other side)

I take the 1 tablespoon of cream cheese and spread it on tortillia.

Place egg in center of tortilla and roll. You'll get egg mixture in every bite.

(7.5 pts weight watchers but it's very filling and the kids love it)


a wandering heart said...

mmmm... it's been ages since I made a real breakfast. it's usually cereal and fruit for us.

Kork said...

I tried these Ang, and they are awesome! I used the "garden herb" cream cheese as BB doesn't like salmon in his breakfast (not sure he'd have noticed...)

MMMMMMMM...let's just say that these will be made doubled next time as BB, Captain Chaos and I polished off the entire batch one Saturday morning!